Change to standard letter deliveries

Change to standard letter deliveries

Change to standard letter deliveries - frequently asked questions

In response to reducing customer demand, Isle of Man Post Office will change its standard letter mail service from six to five days a week, Monday to Friday. This is effective from Monday 21st October 2019.

1) Will I get letters on a Saturday?
a. No – all standard letter deliveries will cease on a Saturday from 21st October 2019.

2) Are all deliveries ceasing?
a. No – Isle of Man Post Office will continue to deliver time-guaranteed services and parcels six days a week.

3) Are Sub Post Offices closing on a Saturday?
a. No – The 5 day letter delivery project does not affect Sub post office hours and they will be open their normal Saturday opening hours (opening hours for each sub post office can be found here)

4) Can I still post letters on a Saturday?
a. Yes, collections will be made from sub post offices and some post boxes, please check the information on the post box.

5) Why is this change coming into effect now?
a. The review of Isle of Man Post Office's letter delivery service in line with reducing customer demand has been a key project of our five-year business strategy to reduce ongoing losses. Letter volumes on the Island have almost halved in the last 10 years. 66% of respondents to our 2018 public consultation supported the change in letter delivery from six to five days and Tynwald then approved this in December 2018.

6) What other services will be affected?
a. None – all other services with continue as normal.

7) Will I get my parcel on a Saturday?
a. IOMPO will continue to deliver parcels and time-guaranteed services such as Special Delivery and tracked items six days a week, Monday to Saturday.

8) Will I be able to collect Private (PO Boxes) boxes on a Saturday?
a. Mail will not be added to your PO Box on a Saturday. Depending on what time you collect your PO Box mail on a Friday morning, there may be residual mail in the box from Friday, which is available to collect within our normal opening times.

9) Will you continue to reduce letter deliveries?
a. Any further reductions will be based on volumes and demand and will need Tynwald approval.

10) If I need a letter, can I come to the Postal Headquarters to collect?
a. No – letters will not be sorted on a Saturday – if you need to receive a letter urgently on a Saturday, ensure the sender sends it to you via a time guaranteed service, it will then be delivered to you on a Saturday. Please note there is an additional cost for sending items via a Saturday guarantee service

11) Has IOMPO made redundancies because of this change?
a. No postal worker has been made redundant due to this change. We have worked jointly with the postal Unions who have agreed to this change.

You can find out further information about our five year strategy here and more information about our 2018 public consultation here.


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