Public Consultation

Public Consultation

Public Consultation - Modernising Isle of Man Post Office

Foreword from the Chairman of Isle of Man Post Office

Julie Edge MHK Chairman Isle of Man Post OfficeIsle of Man Post Office (IOMPO) is seeking public opinion on how best to adapt letter and parcel deliveries and post office services in the community to suit demand in a financially responsible way.

IOMPO has a very proud heritage with a loyal and dedicated team providing trusted services that meet the needs of the community each and every day.

The 'online' digital revolution is changing the way people communicate and how and where they choose to buy their goods and pay for services. These changes are impacting the postal industry globally as fewer letters are being sent, and fewer people are using post offices than ever before, while parcel deliveries and returns increase as more people shop online.

The change in demand for these core services locally, coupled with changing demand for IOMPO's commercial services and increasing costs, mean IOMPO is reporting a loss for the first time in its history. The Board of IOMPO have developed a five-year strategy to address these issues, and with public support, develop a modern Post Office fit for the future. For more information on the broader strategy please go to our website

An important part of IOMPO's strategy is to consult with Isle of Man residents, businesses, organisations and its clients on our core services. This will provide a better understanding of customers' needs and how the services might be improved, offering value for money, while assuring IOMPO remains self-funding and sustainable in the future. In parallel to the consultation, with the support of Tynwald, IOMPO will be working across Government to identify services that could be provided by the Post Office, utilising its unique attributes and local delivery capabilities, to the benefit of the community.

Completing the consultation should take no more than 5-10 minutes. Your feedback from the consultation will inform the strategic choices IOMPO will put forward for Tynwald approval and as such, I encourage you to recommend to your friends, family and colleagues to participate.

Thank you for your time, your feedback is appreciated.

Julie Edge MHK
Chairman of Isle of Man Post Office

How can I take part in the consultation?
You can complete the consultation in a choice of two ways:

Isle of Man Post Office Headquarters – Customer Services Lezayre Commissioners
Isle of Man Post Office – Driving & Vehicle Licence Counter Malew Commissioners
Tynwald Library Marown Commissioners
Family Library Michael Commissioners
Age Concern Onchan Commissioners
Braddan Commissioners Peel Town Commissioners
Castletown Commissioners Port Erin Commissioners
Douglas Borough Council Port St Mary Commissioners
Garth Commissioners Ramsey Town Commissioners

Completed paper consultations can be returned to any post office or by freepost to:
Isle of Man Post Office - Public Consultation
Freepost 1160
IM87 6QQ

The consultation closes on Tuesday 2nd October 2018.

Universal Service Obligation
Universal service is an economic, legal and business term used mostly in regulated industries, referring to the practice of providing a baseline level of services to every resident of a country.

Postal administrations in jurisdictions across the world provide services as the designated provider of the Universal Postal Service. This is often referred to as the Universal Service Obligation (USO).

On the Isle of Man, this is imposed by Statute specifically in section 2 of the Post Office Act 1993.

Isle of Man Post Office currently provides a six day a week; one price goes anywhere service delivering to approx. 40,000 addresses across the Island, along with providing the facility for face-to-face postal, government and banking transactions at post offices.

Section 2(2) – page 8 of the Post Office Act requires the Post Office to consider the social, industrial and commercial needs of the Island. In order to comply with this, Isle of Man Post Office has launched a public consultation and is gaining feedback before it considers whether it can still meet its obligations but via a revised service provision.

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