Box Storage

Box Storage

Running out of space? Give it to us. We’ll take care of it.

For most organisations, dealing with piles of documents and records is a routine but important part of the organisation’s function. For some, piles can become mountains.

Let us take your files and folders off your hands, giving you more space and room for your staff to get on with business critical tasks.

How we can help you?

Secure Storage.

We take data protection seriously. With all our processes certified to ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 you can be assured that your documents will be safe and secure with us. Boxes are barcoded to be easily traced for retrieval:  we will always know where your information is safely stored.

Paper or Digital. You decide.

With our in-house high quality scanning machinery, we can offer you electronic versions of all of your documents. Perfect if you have staff working at home or based across the world in different jurisdictions.

We can also offer your business a continuity/disaster recovery tool should you need it. 

Seamless from start to finish.

As a customer-centric business and your end-to-end business partner, we will deal with the whole process from collecting the boxes directly from you to returning delivery of your documents as and when you or your staff may require them – all done via our online portal. 


To find out more or for help in putting this key part of your contingency plan in place, speak to one of our expert team today by sending us a message or via 698444.

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