Certifications and compliance

Total peace of mind thanks to our ISO 27001 certification.


All services provided by IMS including mail opening, scanning, data capture, printing, fulfillment, franking and stationery supply are certified to the international industry standard for Information Security Management - ISO 27001.


We are also certified to the highest international standard for quality management: ISO 9001, so our customers can expect a consistently superior service from IMS.

How we work:


The first provider of our kind to achieve ISO/IEC 27001
The first provider of our kind to achieve ISO/IEC 27001

The internationally recognised data security standard is the only ISO accreditation that really matters when it comes to dealing with your data, and we're the first printing, scanning and mailing specialist in the Isle of Man and Channel Islands to achieve it.

It's your reassurance of our absolute commitment to our customers, with the right controls in place to protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of their data. For more information on ISO/IEC 27001 please see the International Organisation for Standardisation website.


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