Banking and Thanking for the Charity Sector

Integrated Mailing Solutions (IMS) are here to help reduce your 'Banking and Thanking' costs.

IMS has a proven track record in providing print, postage, scanning and mailing solutions to organisations across all industries for over 20 years.

Using our Business Reply Paid service we can offer a 'Banking and Thanking' service which can reduce your overall campaign spend by up to 30%. Our service offering includes:

IMS, as a division of Isle of Man Post Office, has direct access to the mail stream, ensuring your mail is processed as soon as it arrives on the Island and our scanners can process over 600,000 sheets per day, guaranteeing a rapid turnaround time while still meeting with strict ISO 27001 data security standards. This provides you a fast and efficient 'Banking and Thanking' service and frees up valuable company time and resource; enabling your team to focus on other areas of your business.

With IMS accredited to the internationally recognised standards ISO 9001, ISO 27001, BS10008 and PCI DSS, we are well qualified to provide your organisation with a secure service which will improve response times, aid customer retention and allow you to significantly increase your return on investment.

To find out how we can work together to save you money on your campaign costs, contact us on 01624 698444 or send us an email.

The first provider of our kind to achieve ISO/IEC 27001
The first provider of our kind to achieve ISO/IEC 27001

The internationally recognised data security standard is the only ISO accreditation that really matters when it comes to dealing with your data, and we're the first printing, scanning and mailing specialist in the Isle of Man and Channel Islands to achieve it.

It's your reassurance of our absolute commitment to our customers, with the right controls in place to protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of their data. For more information on ISO/IEC 27001 please see the International Organisation for Standardisation website.

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