Product Dispatch & Returns Processing

Product Dispatch & Returns Processing

Isle of Man Post Office can warehouse your products, package orders and dispatch for next-day delivery in the UK or 3-day delivery to Europe.

Using Isle of Man Post Office's Goods Dispatch and Returns Management service will help you reach your customers in the UK or Europe with minimal hassle.

Our first class logistics resources ensure fast, secure delivery options for your products and a trusted partner in the Isle of Man Post Office.

Working with your agents in the Isle of Man, we can warehouse your goods, package your orders and dispatch them for next-day delivery into the UK or 3-day delivery to mainland Europe.

We can also efficiently manage any returned goods from your customers, ensuring excellent customer service and satisfaction and minimising credit card charge-backs.

Integrated Mailing Solutions (IMS), the specialist communications business unit of the Isle of Man Post Office, is ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certified, the international benchmarks for data security and quality, ensuring your data is managed and secured to the highest standards.

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