Direct Mail

Direct Mail

Integrated Mailing Solutions (IMS) can help you make the most customer interactions, securely and efficiently.

Direct Mail

Although we now live in the Digital Age where the often default method of communication is electronic, Direct Mail is still an important method of reaching out to customers, because people still love receiving tangible mail that they can touch, share and keep.

Direct Mail Key Stats:

90% of customers open at least some of their mail immediately[i].

87% of people were influenced to buy online as a direct result of receiving mail[ii].

In fact, even if you run a purely digital business, connecting with your audience via direct mail, may even garner you more sales.

86% of people said that they have connected with a business online as a direct result of receiving mail[iii].

IMS has a proven track record of running successful direct mail campaigns and providing mail solutions for a number of businesses such as those in the e-gaming, telecommunications, finance and media industries.

Our customers can be assured of the quality and integrity of the services we provide, as we have in place:

Our 360 Mailing Solutions is an end to end communication solution that is designed to optimise the way you connect with your audience. Our team of experts will help you to develop a bespoke mails solution based on the range of services below, which aims to help you win new customers and retain existing ones.

Integrated Mailing Solutions is the specialist integrated business communication division of Isle of Man Post Office. We provide your business end to end communication solutions, all under one roof.

We are here to support to your business with the process of connecting with your target audience from processing customer data, printing, fulfilment, mailing, scanning as well as document management and storage – all in a highly secured environment. We offer bespoke and innovative communication solutions - electronic and print – to maximise cost and time savings, as well as enhance customer relations.

[i] IPA TouchPoints 2016

[ii], Iii Royal Mail MarketReach, Mail and Digital Part 2, Qudrangle 2014

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Losing sleep over compliance and regulatory mailings?

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Time to go paperless
Time to go paperless

Paper has been used for centuries and is a fundamental part of our lives, from newspapers, to receipts to legal documents to books; therefore, understandably we are attached to this tactile means of holding information.

How to make your direct mail stand out?
How to make your direct mail stand out?

Since the new GDPR legislation was implemented, companies have had to adjust the way they use their customer data to market their products. With all the changes there is however one clear winner: direct mail. Compared to online advertising and marketing, direct mail has faced less regulatory challenges! Postal marketing does not require consent and subsequently offers a great opportunity to contact customers directly. But how to stand out? We have gathered a few ideas to ensure that your campaign material is eye-catching.


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