Postal Orders

Postal Orders

Send money using postal orders - a safe and simple method.

Postal Orders

A safe, convenient and simple method of sending money by post without the need for a bank account.

Postal orders can be used wherever you are, at all post offices in the Isle of Man and in the UK. They are valid for six months from the date of issue and are great for using on auction sites such as eBay as they allow you to pay without passing on personal financial details.

They work as follows; simply make a purchase as you normally would, you then buy the correct postal order value and send this through the post.

Postal orders look just like cheques. The payee's name is written on the order and it can then be cashed with identification at a post office counter. For added security, the postal orders can also be crossed, so the recipient must pay them into a bank account.

Postal orders are available in the following denominations:

Value Poundage Charged
50p - £4.99 50p
£5.00 - £9.99 £1.00
£10.00 - £250.00 12.5% up to the maximum value of postal order

For more information please contact our customer services team on 01624 664664 or visit one of our post office branches.


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