Are we wired to respond better to Direct Mail?

We've given you hundreds of reasons why Direct Mail can deliver better results as an addition to, or even in place of, online marketing, but it now seems there may be far more scientific reasons for this trend. Reasons that go to the very heart of the human psyche.

According to a report commissioned by Canada Post, entitled 'A Bias for Action', the human brain takes in printed information far easier than screen, requiring 21% less cognitive effort to process it. In addition, brand messages included in Direct Mail were recalled by 75% of readers, compared to only 44% for digital media.

The report also claims that the motivation response for Direct Mail is 20% higher, partly because it appeals to other senses, such as smell and touch. While digital media gives access to additional visual and audio-based features, these do not seem to outweigh the sensory power of high quality printed collateral.

In addition, and perhaps crucial in an era when the average human attention span appears to be shrinking by the week, Direct Mail gets the message across faster than its online rivals. It is also more likely to drive consumers to take action that will lead to a sale.

So, what do we think of this research and its relevance to the iGaming sector. Well, the basis for the report seems sound enough and Canada Post has produced a weight document to back up its claims, written by some of the country's leading expert on neurology, which suggests this is a mere marketing exercise.

We also believe that it's not rocket science to claim that the human brain reacts to different stimuli, including various forms of media, in different ways. I've said before in this blog that nothing can quite compare to the excitement of receiving something really engaging by post and, as bank statements and bills have made the move online, the post is more and more becoming something to look forward to.

Of course, none of this means Direct Mail is the simplest solution. If you want to capitalise on this in-built advantage for your Direct Mail campaign, you'll still need to ensure that the messaging, targeting, format and hook for your mailers are absolutely spot on, but it does mean you have a head start on digital-only campaigns.

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