Direct Mail over 2015

2015 continues to be an exciting year as technology carries on enhancing the scope of Direct Mail marketing, with new developments offering new opportunities to push products and services to a wider market. In this blog, we're going to take a look at the key trends that are emerging:

Bespoke Campaigns

The era of the one size fits all mailer is coming to an end, slowly but surely, as more and more clients move towards a bespoke approach. It's not just the name that is individually printed either, with many mailers featuring copy and images tailored to the tastes and purchase history of each recipient which hugely enhances the level of end user engagement and increases the likelihood of a positive response.

All Shape and Sizes

A benefit of laser printing is the ability to develop new shapes and sizes for mailers. The concept of a standard sized document is becoming a thing of the past, with the potential to give every campaign a look, feel and even a smell to suit the theme and brand. This technology will advance even further over the coming months as printing and cutting techniques continue to improve.

Technology Overkill

While technology has proven to be a positive addition to any Direct Mail campaign, providing a way to instantly respond to paper-based mailers, it has also come close to saturation on many levels. Marketers are realising that there are only so many SMS messages, promotional emails and online ads the average person can digest. That's why high-profile brands, such as Next, have been making a low key return to the Direct Mail arena, a process that's only going to accelerate in 2015.

When Low-Tech Becomes an Asset

With most people under 25 now far more used to an online environment and far less volume coming through the letter box each day, Direct Mail has gone from being over-used to a relatively rare novelty. As the most negatively perceived items, such as utility bills and credit card statements, are now received online, the post is something that can be looked forward to rather than dreaded. This presents an opportunity for the Direct Mail industry, so long as the campaign is targeted correctly.

If you're new to DM or you've used it before, there has never been a better time to embrace the potential of a carefully targeted and well executed DM campaign.

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