+++UPDATE+++ LUSH UK Bottle Top Freepost

LUSH UK no longer accepts bottle top Freepost.

LUSH Informs:

Our recycling of bottle tops scheme was initially started for areas which do not have a facility for recycling them, customers have been able to take them to their local shop where they were then transported to our Green Hub. The Green Hub is our facility for the closed-loop recycling of our black pots, this facility is company run and not a council facility. We then pass on the bottle tops to be repurposed. Some of the items they can be repurposed into is bottle boards.

We became aware that not everyone could get to a shop and offered the freepost label to assist with this. We have now received 8.5 tons of bottle tops in a short period of time, which would be enough to kit out 120 Lush shops! This has been far greater than we expected and we have reached capacity and we are therefore no longer offering the freepost option. We will continue to accept bottle tops in our shops for areas which do not recycle them.

We are very happy that this scheme has raised so much awareness about recycling, hopefully, your local council can assist you with recycling your bottle tops. If not, we would recommend questioning how this can be changed!

Happy recycling :)

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