Ballasalla Consultation on Retail Service Changes

IOMPO is consulting with key stakeholders regarding the proposed service changes in Ballasalla following the incumbent Sub Postmasters decision to terminate on 9th March 2020.

Referencing the decline in counter service use that is forecast to continue, the IOMPO Board are recommending the current counter service is superceded with a more sustainable and affordable self-service kiosk for bill payment and postal services, as detailed in the letter to stakeholders (see below). The IOMPO Board will consider the feedback and any new information before making the final decision at the end of January.

IOMPO is consulting with its commercial clients, the National Federation of Sub Postmasters and the following local stakeholder representatives, inviting written responses by 24th January 2020;

  • Malew Commissioners
  • Graham Cregeen MHK
  • Jason Moorhouse MHK
  • Age Concern
  • Adult Services
  • Abbotswood Nursing Home

17/01/2020 Update -  IOMPO would like to thank everyone who attended tonight's public meeting at the Village Hall in Ballasalla. We will consider all the points raised which will help inform the Board's decision on the future provisions of postal services in Ballasalla. 

10/01/2020 Update -  IOMPO would like to thank everyone who attended today's meeting and for their passionate feedback. We are looking forward to the meeting next Friday and hope that many of you will attend. 

08/01/2020 Update -  IOMPO met with Malew Commissioners and local MHKs today to explain the rationale behind the proposed PO service changes within Ballasalla community. IOMPO will continue to work with stakeholders throughout the consultation period which ends 24th January 2020.

07/01/2020 Update - Please contact your local MHK or Commissioner who are gathering feedback regarding the Ballasalla Consultation and will present this in their consultation meeting with IOMPO. However, if you do wish to contact IOMPO directly, you can do so at the following email address or send a letter to:

PO Box 82
c/o Ballasalla Service Changes
IM99 1EB

03/01/2020 Update - In addition to the IOMPO Board attending Malew Commissioners January meeting and supporting the two public meetings at Ballasalla Village Hall please see the strategic recommendation on modernising the Isle of Man Post Office retail network here which was presented at Tynwald and approved in October 2019.

02/01/2020 Update - We would like to inform about a new confirmed time for the public meeting at Balasalla Village Hall on Friday 17th January. This meeting will now start at 7 pm (original start was 7.30pm)

31/12/2019 Update – The IOMPO Board is pleased to confirm that Malew Commissioners have taken up their offer to attend their January meeting. The IOMPO Board are also pleased to be working with the constituent MHKs, Mr Cregeen and Mr Moorhouse, to support two public meetings at Ballasalla Village Hall, 10:30am on Friday 10th January 2020 and again at 7.30pm !!!NEW TIME 7PM!!! on Friday 17th January 2020. IOMPO look forward to explaining the recommended service change rationale and understanding local views that will inform the board’s decision at the end of the consultation period.

30/12/2019 Update - There has been a number of inaccurate statements made on social media and in the local press. IOMPO would like to confirm that Ballasalla PO is not the 5th busiest PO and the IOMPO Board and Executive are working with the commissioners and constituent MHKs to arrange one or more public meetings.

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