Still Time to Submit Views on Future of Postal Services in Ballasalla

Isle of Man Post Office (IOMPO) wishes to remind all interested parties there is still time to submit feedback on the proposed changes to postal services in Ballasalla, ahead of the consultation deadline of January 24.


The consultation, which started before Christmas, aims to consult with all key stakeholders on the review of Ballasalla Post Office following the incumbent sub postmaster’s decision to resign. IOMPO is recommending that the current counter service is superceded with a more sustainable and affordable self-service kiosk for bill payments and postal services, as well as a parcel drop off facility.


The Board of IOMPO were pleased to hear views and concerns of some Ballasalla residents at a coffee morning held in the village last Friday, and look forward to the public meeting in the Village Hall this Friday evening to explain the rationale for the proposed change and to listen to more feedback.


Simon Kneen, Chief Executive, of IOMPO said: “During this consultation period, we are keen to obtain as much feedback as possible from all key stakeholders such as residents, the commissioners, businesses in the area etc., to help inform the Board’s decision on the future of postal services in Ballasalla. In October, Tynwald approved our recommendation for a financially and socially responsible ‘demand driven’ retail network service modernisation strategy, on the understanding that the business would commit to a set of six guiding principles to reassure its valued customers that postal services will remain in local communities.”


The principles include ensuring IOMPO remains financially efficient, managing costs in line with revenues, supporting the overall aim of remaining financially self-sustaining; ensuring 96% of Island residents live within 3 miles of a service access point for postal services, with a postal service access point in each constituency; ensuring postal service access points are accessible, e.g. main bus routes, with ample parking and disabled access and where financially viable, IOMPO will continue to seek opportunities to provide new retail services.


He added: “From the outset, IOMPO committed to engaging with local stakeholders before changing an existing service which is the exercise it is currently undertaking in Ballasalla. Contrary to popular belief, the Board has not come to any decision on the future of Ballasalla and won’t until after the consultation period has ended. If any stakeholders still wish to submit their views, there is still plenty of time to do this via email or by post: PO Box 82, c/o Ballasalla Service Changes, Douglas, IM99 1EB.”

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