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'One Small Step' Set and Sheet Set

There can be few more significant scientific and cultural achievements than the successful mission to place a human being on the Moon. We commemorate this historic 'first' with a set of eight remarkable stamps entitiled 'One Small Step'.

Product Description
  • Our eight stamps have been conceived to honour the first half of the Apollo Missions, from the announcement of the intention to go to the Moon, through the manned Apollo flights, up to Apollo 11, then Apollo 12, the return to the Moon. With that stamp we bear in mind our friend Alan Bean, fourth man to walk on the Moon, who died recently. You will find many tributes, secrets, facts, figures and quotes hidden in the stamps. All have a connection with the stamp concerned and we hope you enjoy the challenge of finding and interpreting them.

  • I ordered the mint set of stamps. They came and were in great condition and beautiful! I was surprised when included in the package was a free gift of one of the souvenir sheets! I was so pleased! Thank you!!

    John Wagner

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