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'One Small Step' Commemorative Sheetlet

In memory of Alan Bean
This special sheetlet includes the full eight stamp collection presented alongside astonishing imagery.
Featured also is three stamps from our 2009 issue which were prepared by the 4th man to walk the moon, Alan Bean who sadly passed away in May 2018.

Product Description
  • Available in Mint or Cancelled to Order, this special sheetlet includes the full eight stamp collection presented  alongside astonishing imagery from this remarkable collection and our 2009 stamps which were issued to mark the 40th anniversary of this significant event.

    Presented in a complementary wrap which features additional text and imagery, this really is the perfect token to mark this incredible moment in history.

    We dedicate this sheetlet to Alan Bean, fourth man to walk on the Moon, whose paintings were to grace the stamps. We spoke to him at length, but he sadly passed away before the issue could be laid out.

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