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100 Years of Our BBC Set & Sheet Set

Produced in partnership with the BBC, we are delighted to present this set of twelve stamps commemorating the centenary year of this British institution.

Product Description
  • The stamps are designed to reflect the official branding of the BBC100 campaign and the topics below have been proposed and selected by Robert Seatter, Head of BBC History.

    Each stamp features a unique icon of BBC broadcasting and each stamp border includes an iconic / recognisable quote to the bottom of the artwork. The background of each stamp includes a subtle reference to the topic pictured.

    The Tardis from Doctor Who, the longest running sci-fi series in the world, underpinned by some intergalactic explanation: “Time and Relative Dimensions in Space.”

    The Glitterball trophy from the light entertainment series Strictly Come Dancing, together with Bruce Forsyth’s immortal catchphrase: “Keep Dancing!”

    The Blue Peter badge from the longest-running children’s show in the world, with its famous instruction: “Here’s one I made earlier.”

    The BBC News globe, symbol of international communication, with its on air announcement: “Here is the News from the BBC.”

    A heritage Match of the Day ident from the much-loved BBC Sport programme, together with the memorable World Cup 1966 commentary: “They think it’s all over... it is now.”

    A stunning bird of paradise from the BBC Natural History programming, championed by Sir David Attenborough, with his important global message: “The future of life on earth depends on us now”.

    Blackadder’s ruff with eponymous adder emerging from it from the BBC Comedy series of the same name, together with his wily words: “I have a cunning plan!”

    The bust of Queen Victoria from the Queen Vic pub in Albert Square, as featured in the nation’s favourite soap, EastEnders, accompanied by its cliffhanger theme tune: “Doof-Doof-Doof-Doof-Doof-Doof-Doof-Doof-Doof!”

    A musical symbol of the BBC Proms, the largest classical music festival in the world, with its open-hearted message: “Welcome to the BBC Proms from the Royal Albert Hall.”

    Just one of eight Desert Islands Discs, the show that was recently voted the best radio show ever, with the immortal instruction: “Eight tracks, a book and a luxury.”

    The BBC Bitesize logo, celebrating the groundbreaking education service for young people, linked to the words of the BBC mission: “Inform, educate, entertain!”

    The iconic Sky at Night presenter Sir Patrick Moore remembered here, silhouetted against the moon, with the words: “World’s longest running TV show with the same presenter”.

    BBC (word marks and logos) are trade marks of the British Broadcasting Corporation and are used under licence. BBC logo © BBC 1996. BBC100 logo © BBC 2021.

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