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House of Keys Stamp and Coin Pack

150th Anniversary of the First Open House of Keys Elections 50p coin accompanied with 1st Stamp.


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Product Code: AH37

Product Description
  • In 2017 the Isle of Man marks the 150th anniversary of the first popular election to the House of Keys, previously a self-elected body. Mid-19th century calls for reform were led by journalists Robert Fargher and James Brown. Following negotiations between Governor Loch and the UK authorities, reforming legislation was enacted in 1866 giving the vote to male landowners and allowing Tynwald some say over finance for the first time in a century. The franchise was extended in 1881 to women landowners and in 1919 to all adults. This coin celebrates polling at the old Court House in Athol St, Douglas, on 3rd April 1867.

    • On the 1st stamp is the first House of Keys Speaker after the first open elections. Also featured on the stamp is the Register of Electors from 1867 and an image of Douglas Courthouse from the election day.

    Presented in all Island schools by serving Members of the House of Keys, April 2017.

    These coins are bulk uncirculated.

    For your reference as to what to expect:

    Uncirculated - The coin should have no wear. Contrary to belief the coins can have finger prints, be toned, contain spotting, bag marks and scratches. The coins are not graded by a professional.

    Please note that uncirculated and similar terms refer only to the fact the coin has no wear. The presence or absence of bagmarks, discoloration, or strike marks does not affect this uncirculated status.

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