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Freemasons Presentation Pack

The six intricately detailed mint condition stamps are perfectly showcased in this attractive full colour glossy presentation pack.


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Product Code: VH41

Product Description
  • This presentation pack is currently out of stock and will be dispatched as soon as stocks are replenished around 14th June 2017.

    This presentation pack includes a full set of the 300 Years of Freemasonry stamps (20p, 1st, 50p, £1.30, 1.74, £3.40), which have been printed with gold foil highlighting HM Queen's head and the words 'Isle' and 'Man'. Each stamp features a badge of office for senior officers within the lodge. There are additional discreet references to six important locations at the top of the stamps and other hidden mysteries, including some visible only under UV light.

    The presentation pack contains six stamps, made up of each of the designs below.

    Jewel of the Steward
    Jewel of the Inner Guard
    Jewel of the Junior and Senior Deacon
    Jewel of the Junior Warden
    Jewel of the Senior Warden
    Jewel of the Worshipful Master

    Text: Keith Dalrymple and Alex Downie OBE
    Research and Design: Glazier Design
    Printer: Cartor
    Offset Lithography with foil and security ink
    : 4
    110gms PVA Gummed
    14 per 2cms
    Stamp Size:
    40 x 40mm
    No of Stamps: 6
    Format: 10 stamps per sheet
    Issue date:

    If you like to collect Freemason's memorabilia this presentation pack celebrating their tercentenary is a must have.

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