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A Very Masonic Christmas Card Mailing

In a collaboration between the Masonic Charitable Foundation, the United Grand Lodge of England and Isle of Man Post Office. We are delighted to offer all lodges the opportunity to send their Christmas cards using the 300 Years of Freemasonry Stamp collection. The cards will be individually postmarked with a tercentenary postmark too.

Product Description
  • How to take part:

    Order, sign, seal and address your cards

    Please order your stamps ensuring you select the correct value for your required destination.

    Once you receive your stamps, apply them to your Christmas cards and ensure your envelopes are clearly addressed to the recipient including postcodes (or equivalent for outside of the UK). Please then seal them and place them in a secure packet which won't open in the postal system and post them to us at the address below. We will forward them on for you at no extra cost.
    All cards must be smaller than A5 size.

    Pay the postage

    Postage to the Isle of Man and UK costs 57p per item
    Postage to Europe costs 90p per item
    Postage to the rest of the World costs £1.50 per item 
    Please place the quanitity you require next to each of the values and add them to your basket and pay. Please place the name of your Lodge in the comments so we will look to expect your cards.

    We will endevour to post cards within 48 hours of receipt.

    Send your cards to:
    Freepost 1158
    Isle of Man Stamps and Coins
    PO Box 10M
    Isle of Man Post Office
    IM87 6BZ

    Make sure they are secure and show a return address and please enclose a copy of your order confirmation or cheque.

    Ensure you get proof or postage or a tracking number so we can address any queries. You may also request Signed For.

    Cards for UK delivery will need to be received no later than the 12th December 2019. European and International delivery will need to be received earlier or they may not be delivered in time for Christmas.

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