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70th Anniversary End of WWII 1945 – 2015

Collection Issue Date: 26th February 2015

Isle of Man Post Office commemorates the 70th Anniversary of the end of WWII.

The Post Office has joined up with local artist, fellow of the Royal Photographic Society and WWII veteran, James Fenton to commemorate the 70th anniversary of VE and VJ Day with this handsome set of miniature sheets.

Issue Information

VE Day marks a key event in WW2 the end of the war with Germany on Tuesday May 8, 1945. VJ Day meanwhile is another key date in WW2, the day that Japan surrendered to the allies following almost six years of war on August 15, 1945. Both were momentous occasions for celebration and remembrance throughout allied territory including the Isle of Man which played a vital role as a strategic territory.

The miniature sheet is split into two sections; one part contains stamps that mark the 70th Anniversary commemorations of VJ Day and the other is for VE Day. The image used for VE Day is a photograph from the Press Association while James Fenton has provided his artworks for the VJ Day stamps and is perfectly positioned to produce these designs for this having served as a gunner and then as a bombardier with the Royal Artillery in Burma. The magnificent portfolio of artistic works from James' service years depicts his experiences with striking style. His collection of pencil sketches, oil paintings, water colours, ink cartoons, photographs and models are a fascinating record and many feature alongside letters to his family to form the basis of his book 'The Forgotten Army'.

Some of the finest examples of James' artwork feature in this Isle of Man Post Office miniature sheet including a portrait of a Gurkha, the Burma Star and a soldier of war. The stamps are also accompanied by a fascinating and in-depth narrative on the close of WW2 and subsequent final moments of the war in Europe provided by Colonel Charles Wilson war veteran with Japan's final moments of war to victory being provided by Major General (ret) Sir Laurence CB CBE Patron of the Burma Star association Isle of Man.

Dr Robert Lyman FRHistS also gives a small tribute to British Commander, Field Marshall and viscount Bill Slim who in 2011 was voted joint winner of the accolade 'Britain's Great General', largely for his role of leading Britain to victory in the East.

2015 also sees the 200th Anniversary of the formation of the Gurkha Regiment and unstinting service to the Britsh Crown.

Technical Information

Design Isle of Man Advertising
Text Colonel Charles Wilson, Sir Laurence New & Dr Robert Lyman
Printer BDT
Stamp Size 38 x 30/56mm
Colours 5
Process Offset Lithography
Perforations 13.75 per 2cms
Paper 110 Gms
Format Miniature Sheets 120 x 54mm and 55 x 54mm
Issue Date 26th February 2015

Collection Products

The Pahar Trust Nepal Special Cover
The Pahar Trust Nepal Special Cover

Product Issue Date: 26th February 2015

Isle of Man Post Office is very pleased to work in collaboration with The Pahar Trust Nepal to celebrate thirty Manx funded projects with a special cover in recognition of the long standing reciprocal links the Island has with Ghamrang, Nepal. This special cover features a portrait of a Gurkha by WWII veteran James Fenton, a double cancellation from Kirk Michael containing a Nepalese rhododendron and crossed kukri (the national weapon of Nepal) and is accompanied by an illustrated information card about PTN history and projects. The plain cover is limited to 200 items and the signed cover, signed by retired Gurkha Major Dhan Chand and artist James Fenton, is limited to 300 items. A donation will be made to The Pahar Trust from the sale of each cover.

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