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A Beano Christmas Comic Sheetlet

Join Dennis and Gnasher in a Beano Christmas on the Isle of Man with this incredible comic strip sheetlet which has been created exclusively for Isle of Man Post Office.


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Product Code: WP64

Product Description
  • To celebrate Beano's 80th Birthday, we are honoured that Beano artist Nigel Parkinson and writer Craig Graham have created an exclusive comic strip which tells the funny story of  Dennis and Gnasher causing chaos on the Isle of Man.

    Behind the mayhem and mischief  is a moral to the tale; that writing to friends and family by post is still the best way to catch up at Christmas.

    Spot the famous Manx landmarks and unveil Dennis' brilliant secret with this fabulous comic strip sheetlet. 

    Vibrant, entertaining and guaranteed to raise a smile!

    Also available framed.

    * Please allow 14 days for expected delivery
    **Please note stamps featured on the sheetlet in this album are 32 x 32mm. The gummed stamps in the other collectables 36 x 36mm.

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