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BLOODHOUND SSC Miniature Sheet

Collection Issue Date: 22nd September 2017

An innovative miniature sheet showcasing BLOODHOUND's engineering excellence

Isle of Man Post Office presents an innovative miniature sheet inspired by the BLOODHOUND project to set a new land speed world record, and highlighting Manx connections to the ambitious mission. The technical innovation incorporated into the BLOODHOUND car is reflected in the sheet’s inventive print finishes.

Issue Information

The engineering excellence and technical innovation behind the BLOODHOUND project to set a new land speed world record is encapsulated in this Isle of Man Post Office miniature sheet.

It is not only a celebration of the bid to build a car capable of travelling at 1,000mph, but also of the project’s connections to the Isle of Man.

The sheet includes two stamps and two labels, with one featuring the legendary Richard Noble and current world record holder Andy Green, BLOODHOUND’s driver. Behind the images lie technical line drawings underlining that this miniature sheet is a showcase of engineering prowess as well as the ambition of setting new records.

To ensure the miniature sheet reflects technical innovation it includes three special print finishes; metallic ink, varnish and thermochromic ink, which disappears when heated to reveal the inside of the BLOODHOUND car.

The car includes components designed and built in the Isle of Man, a connection this issue celebrates. For example, an essential regulator created by Swagelok plays a crucial role in the car’s fuel system, alongside other functions.

The bond was strengthened in September 2017 when the BLOODHOUND team visited the Isle of Man to speak to secondary school students, with the aim of inspiring the next generation of engineers to take advantage of the training opportunities and career paths available in the Island.

The sheets are also available, in mint condition, in a collectable Presentation Pack and on an official First Day Cover, cancelled with the day of issue. Both include the BLOODHOUND story, written by the team, details of Swagelok’s involvement and a contribution from Adrian Moore, Chairman of the Isle of Man Aerospace Cluster about how BLOODHOUND can inspire and educate.

Technical Information




Isle of Man Advertising




Offset Lithography with varnish, metallic and thermochromic ink




110gms PVA Gummed


13 per 2cm

Stamp size

28mm x 35mm, 43mm x 24mm


Miniature sheet of 2 stamps

Issue date

22nd September 2017

Collection Products

BLOODHOUND SSC First Day Cover Signed by Wing Commander Andy Green
BLOODHOUND SSC First Day Cover Signed by Wing Commander Andy Green

Product Code: VN95
Product Issue Date: 25th October 2017

This BLOODHOUND SSC first day cover signed by Wing Commander Andy Green, is a limited edition of just 500. Green is the current land speed record holder and will drive the BLOODHOUND car as it attempts to shatter the land speed record by travelling over 1000mph. The cover features the innovative miniature sheet which has thermochromic ink, which disappears when heated to reveal a technical drawing of the inside of the BLOODHOUND car.

Limited Edition

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Price: £25.00



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