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Captain John Quilliam RN – Manx Hero, Favourite of Fortune Presentation Pack

The front cover of this deluxe four page folder charts the biography of Quilliam through his life, with the use of historical imagery and a mixture of portraits and relevant medallions and coins.


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Product Description
  • Enclosed within this four page glossy folder is a full set of the beautiful six stamps paying tribute to the life of Captain John Quilliam RN.  The stamps are perfectly presented on a black mount, showcasing the stunning imagery used by designer and Quilliam Society member Colleen Corlett. Corlett who brings Quilliam's story to life using utilising photographs, portraits, statues and images of Quilliam memorabilia. Corlett has used a combination of digital and hand-painted content in addition to historical imagery she has included roundels on each stamp which are a mixture of portraits and relevant medallions and coins.

    Also included is fascinating issue text written by Frank Cowin who is a long-time member of the Isle of Man Natural History & Antiquarian Society and has been honoured for his work in industrial archaeology and local history. He, alongside Andrew Bond and Andrew Lambert, is the co-author of Favourite of Fortune, Captain John Quilliam, Hero of Trafalgar, the book for which the collection is named after. 

    Stamps and their values

    • Christened in St Runius & Buried in Arbory - 1st Class Value
    • John Quilliam the Royal Navy & the Ambassador in China - EU Value
    • John Quilliam in the Battle of Camperdown - Large Letter Value 
    • HMS Ethalion takes Thetis & Quilliam is a Rich Man - Rest of the World Value
    • Victory at Trafalgar - USA Value (Featuring a depiction of the stain glass window at Arbory Church which was also designed by Colleen Corlett)
    • John Quilliam MHK & Balcony House Castletown - EU Large Letter Value

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