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Charles Dickens One- Fifty First Day Cover

Gracing the front of this deluxe envelope is six beautiful stamps, bringing together a collection of period artworks from Dickens best-known novel, A Christmas Carol.
Inside you will find insightful issue text written by Geoffrey Sanderson, with support from The Charles Dickens Museum.


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Product Code: YN91

Product Description
  • The front cover of this deluxe envelope is unique in design, with our sixth stamp individually framed to highlight The Lost Portrait, a painting by Margaret Gillies from 1843, during the weeks in which Dickens was writing A Christmas Carol. This piece was missing for over 130 years before its recent rediscovery in South Africa, and is now housed in The Charles Dickens Museum, who have kindly provided us with this imagery. 

    Inside you will unveil fascinating issue text about The Lost Portrait, along with the story behind the other five stamps, biographical details about illustrator John Leech and some background on The Charles Dickens Museum who have kindly supported us with this issue. 

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