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Charles Dickens - One Fifty Set and Sheet Set

This six stamp collection celebrates the life of one of the most famous and most loved authors of the Victorian era, Charles Dickens.
Supported by and working closely alongside the Charles Dickens Museum we are proud to present this series of authentic period artworks coupled with a backstory based around Dickens and his best-known novel, A Christmas Carol.

Product Description
  • The design of this six stamp collection uses a traditional artistic style, with each featuring a Victoriana book jacket to border the artworks, inspired by the original illustrations published in volume 1 of the novel, 1843.

    Of the set, five stamps feature the colourised original hand-tinted engravings by illustrator John Leech, A Christmas Carol. The sixth stamp features a painting by Margaret Gillies, at the time during which the author wrote A Christmas Carol. It portrays an image of a 31 year old Dickens just week before he found success with his timeless festive novel, and is often referred to as the Lost Portrait. 

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