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Creneash, y Balley Ain – Our Cregneash Home Presentation Pack

The complete set of the 'Creneash, y Balley Ain – Our Cregneash Home' stamps. The cool colour palette that Nancy and David used, 'pops' against the classic black mount which is housed within this striking, glossy, four page folder. 


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Product Code: ABD41

Product Description
  • The cover of this presentation pack is dominated by the scenic and colourful original watercolour paintings by local artist Nancy Corkish and David Byrne.

    The collection are inspired by scenes around Cregneash village that encompasses the whole peninsula that captures the varied topography, dramatic skies, changing weather and seasons and the sense of belonging that both artists shared in their home for nearly three decades. it also underlines David and Nancy's close partnership as the stamps are set in pairs with the work by each artist represented side by side and spread over four sheet.values.

    The Stamps

    This collection of eight stamps (First Class, EU, Large value and ROW) not only illustrates Cregneash's outstanding natural beauty but also to properly respect Nancy and David’s individual and joint contributions by pairing and contrasting their respective visions of their shared home and surrounds. Similar but different subjects have been selected and balanced across the set. 

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