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Devoted To Your Service

Collection Issue Date: 26th February 2021

Celebrating the 95th Birthday of HM Queen Elizabeth II

On the 21st April 2021, HM Queen Elizabeth II will celebrate her 95th birthday, an occasion we are delighted to commemorate with this six stamp collection.

Issue Information

Each of the six beautiful stamps represents a key event and aspect of Her Majesty's reign, as well as her personal life and interests; with the inclusion of a stamp on leisure. The issue title is an extract from the Queen's speech during her first overseas tour in 1947. Addressing the Commonwealth on her 21st birthday, the Queen said: “I declare before you all that my whole life, whether it be long or short, shall be devoted to your service and the service of our great imperial family to which we all belong."

The issue has been produced in partnership with Tim Underwood, who has co-ordinated the participation of several countries’ stamps. Other nations to release issues on this topic are; Ascension Island, Bahamas, British Antarctic Territory, British Virgin Islands, Falkland Islands, South Georgia & the South Sandwich Islands, Tristan da Cunha, Gibraltar, Guernsey, and Jersey.

The Story of the Stamps

The imagery of the stamps journeys through Her Majesty’s life; 69 years of which she has spent as the Queen, dedicating herself to the Crown and the service of her realm.

Young Princess: Picturing Elizabeth studying as a teenager, this image portrays the princess before she succeeded her father King George VI.

Coronation: The coronation portrait featured was taken at Westminster Abbey in June 1953 and represents the accession of Elizabeth II. A key moment in her reign, the newly crowned Queen is pictured sporting the Crown Jewels for the very first time as HM Queen.

Marriage: Symbolising the Queen’s marriage to the Duke of Edinburgh; the longest ever marriage of any British monarch, they are shown on the estate at Balmoral Castle, Scotland during the royal family's annual summer holiday, 22nd August 1972.

Leisure: Sharing a personable aspect of Her Majesty, this stamp displays the Queen aside from her royal duties.

Pageantry: Referring to the iconic, colourful and often ceremonial events hosted by the Queen, she is pictured wearing the State Diadem tiara. This is the same crown shown on the Machin Queen’s head used on stamps and bank notes.

Royal Duty: Referring to Her Majesty’s commitment to her service, this stamp represents the undertaking of her royal duties.


Technical Information

Text Lady Colin Campbell
Design Andrew Robinson
Printer Cartor
Process Offset Lithography
Colours 4
Paper 110 gms PVA gummed 
Perforations 13 per 2cms
Stamp Size 40 x 40mm
No. of Stamps 6
Sheet Format 10
Date of Issue 26th February 2021

Limited Editions: Presentation Pack: 2000   First Day Cover: 2750

Collection Products

Devoted To Your Service Set and Sheet Set
Devoted To Your Service Set and Sheet Set

Product Code: ZC31
Product Issue Date: 26th February 2021

In the year HM Queen Elizabeth II celebrates her 95th birthday, we are honoured to present six stamps which reflect upon her lifetime of devotion to the Crown, her people and her service.

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Devoted To Your Service Presentation Pack
Devoted To Your Service Presentation Pack

Product Code: ZC41
Product Issue Date: 26th February 2021

A mint set of six stamps detailing some of the key aspects of Queen Elizabeth II's reign are elegantly presented inside this four page glossy folder.

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Price: £9.52


Devoted To Your Service First Day Cover
Devoted To Your Service First Day Cover

Product Code: ZC91
Product Issue Date: 26th February 2021

Lady Colin Campbell provides the issue text found within this exquisitely detailed deluxe envelope.
The cover is graced with a full set of stamps, cancelled with a special postmark paying tribute to HM Queen Elizabeth's 95th Birthday.

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Price: £9.47


Devoted To Your Service Imperforate Sheet Set
Devoted To Your Service Imperforate Sheet Set

Product Code: ZC68
Product Issue Date: 26th February 2021

Complete with a certificate of authenticity confirming the limited edition of only 95, this unique sheet set doesn't contain any perforations making it a very special collectors piece. It contains 60 stamps in total, ten stamps of each value.

Limited Edition

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Price: £120.00



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