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Invention & Innovation Dr John C Taylor First Day Cover

The full six stamp issue celebrating the ingenuity of Dr John C Taylor OBE are presented on this envelope, cancelled with the first day of issue and featuring a unique postmark.


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Product Code: VM91

Product Description
  • This official Isle of Man Post Office First Day cover features the complete collection of the six-stamp set Invention and Innovation – Dr John C Taylor OBE.

    The stamps are cancelled with the first day of issue, and it features a unique postmark inspired by the shape of Dr Taylor’s famous bimetal kettle switch, used in millions of homes around the world. Inside the envelope is a four-page card explaining the design of each stamp and featuring a profile of Isle of Man resident Dr Taylor.

    The stamps are a celebration of Dr Taylor’s life and career, showcasing his clock collection, stunning home, philanthropy and invention in a series of intricate designs utilising eye-catching photography, elements inspired architectural features from his home and the shape of his bimetal kettle switch.  They are finished with varnish and metallic ink to add to the visual effect.

    All funds received by Dr Taylor from sales of these stamps will be donated to the Teapot Trust.

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