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IOM Definitive Stamps

Collection Issue Date: 1st January 1998 onwards

An array of stamps themed on flowers and the Royals in an exclusive collectable.

A delightful and highly collectable pack featuring an array of fine Isle of Man Post Office stamps in one definitive collection.

Issue Information

An essential for any true enthusiast, Isle of Man Post Office's Definitive Collection brings together 15 iconic stamps in one must-have pack.

The Definitive Collection includes a wonderful array of stamps based on flower and royalty themes complete with text fully explaining each subject.

The definitive stamps first went on sale on 12th February 1998, with the theme of flowers on 4p, 21p, 25p, 50p and £1 values.

Further flower values - 1p, 2p, 10p, 20p and 30p - followed on 2nd July 1998, and were supplemented further on the 26th April 1999, with the 5p, 22p and 26p values.

A £2.50 value stamp featuring the Queen and Queen Mother appeared on 2nd July 1998, and the Queen Mother was pictured on a £3 definitive issued on 23rd April 2002.

The Definitive collection packs are available with the stamps in mint condition, or Cancelled to Order (CTO), postmarked with the date of issue.

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IOM Definitive Stamps
IOM Definitive Stamps

Product Code: BA32

Featuring a highly collectable array of flower and royalty-themed Isle of Man Post Office stamps, this Definitive Collection is vital for all collectors and enthusiasts. The packs are available with stamps in mint condition and CTO (Cancelled to Order).

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