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Collection of IOM fifty pence pieces

This collection includes fifteen Isle of Man 50 pence coins with savings on purchasing them all individually.


£66.50 inc. VAT


Product Code: AI54

Product Description
  • Fifteen Isle of Man fifty pence pieces. All Cupro-Nickel.

    The collection includes:

    A circulated Milner's Tower 50 pence piece (date varies)

    A 2017 Uncirculated House of Keys 50 pence piece

    A 2017 Uncirculated Loaghtan Ram 50 pence piece

    A 2018 Uncirculated World War One 'Poppy' 50 pence

    A 2018 set of (5) Uncirculated Ascension 50 pence pieces

    A 2019 Uncirculated Peter Pan set of (6) 50 pence pieces 

    Each coin will be supplied in a soft protective wallet.

            **Uncirculated coins can have contact marks, slight toning and edge imperfections**

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