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Isle of Man Shipwrecks Set and Sheet Set

A set of six stamps which beautifully capture the stories of the most notorious and significant shipwrecks in the waters off the Isle of Man over a period of almost five-hundred years.

Product Description
  • Many hundreds of ships have met their final fate around the coast of the Isle of Man and this set of six stamps aims to capture the stories behind six of them through the artwork of Manx born artist Paul Parker. 

    The six shipwrecks featured on this set have been selected by Maritime historian Adrian Corkill for their historical importance and significance, dramatic imagery, and fascinating local backstories. Adrian has been researching shipwrecks in the seas around the Isle of Man for over thirty years.

    The artwork has been commissioned and produced by Paul Parker who has worked closely alongside Adrian to create historical depictions of each wreck. This is of particular note with the Racehorse, Sancta Catalina and Brig Lily paintings, which are the first interpretations of their kind. 

    The artworks depict the shipwrecks in situ as they are wrecked, picturing the dramatic weather, coastlines and waves next to which the ships were wrecked, informed by local eyewitness and historical accounts.

    The shipwrecks features are;

    Patache Sancta Catalina - The Spanish Head Armada Wreck 1588

    HMS Brig Racehorse - The Skerranes, Langness 14th December 1822

    Brig Lily - Kitterland in the Calf Sound 27th December 1852

    Barque Thorne - Port Jack, Onchan 25th January 1890

    Steamship Clan MacMaster - The Calf Sound 30th September 1923

    Steam Trawler Cevic - Ballure, Ramsey 26th June 1927

    “I am honestly honoured and very pleasantly surprised to be asked to produce the art work for this set of Isle of Man stamps. As a Manx man it really does mean a lot to me.” - Paul Parker, artist

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