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Isle of Man Wildlife Self Adhesive Booklet and Pane *Booklet sold out*

A wallet-sized booklet of ten self-adhesive stamps each valid for the delivery of letter mail to the UK and within the Isle of Man.

Product Description
  • All ten of these wonderful Isle of Man Wildlife stamps are contained within a wallet-sized booklet for your convenience.

    This self-adhesive booklet contains ten first class stamps from the Isle of Man Wildlife collection.

    This wonderful stamp collection features some iconic images of the Island's diverse wildlife including Hare, Common Blue Butterfly, Gannet, Kingfisher, Common Lizard, Stonechat, Wallaby, Hedgehog Crimson,Gold Moth and Field Mouse.

    Also available as a self adhesive pane, featuring 5 stamps from the wildlife collection.  Both booklet and pane are available in mint condition or cancelled to order.

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