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Isle of Man Wildlife Set and Sheet Set

The Isle of Man's diverse wildlife is captured on a set of ten stamps with images captured by Manx photographer Brian Liggins who has spent more than ten years photographing the Island's birds and wildlife.

Product Description
  • Designed by Isle of Man Advertising, the ten breathaking images are captured by Manx photographer Brian Liggins and presented on a set of ten stamps.

    The stamp set focusses on some of the less common wildlife seen on our Island such as the lizard, kingfisher and rare crimson and gold moth as well as the familiar hedgehog and mouse. The wallaby is an unusual example of an introduced species that has escaped captivity and has found its home in the quiet corners of the Island, unseen to many but estimated to number over one hundred.

    The Stamps

    First Class Values: Hare, Common Blue Butterfly, Gannet, Kingfisher, Common Lizard
    EU Value: Stonechat
    Large Letter Values: Wallaby, Hedgehog
    Rest of the World Values: Crimson and Gold Moth, Field Mouse

    The EU stamp is our contribution to the EUROPA collaboration for 2019.

    "I enjoy the challenge of taking pictures of wildlife as it is always on the move so you have to be ready and focused to capture the moment. I spend hours waiting and trying to get the right shot. I travel all over the Island to picture different species. The light plays a big part in capturing the perfect image."
    Brian Liggins, Photographer

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