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Man On The Moon

Collection Issue Date: 20th November 2009

A rare chance to own space mission memorabilia signed by Apollo astronauts.

Signed by actual Apollo mission astronauts, these limited edition Isle of Man Post Office covers are true collectables and great gift ideas.

Issue Information

Isle of Man Post Office was honoured to recognise the incredible achievements of the early space pioneers with an issue marking the 40th anniversary of the first Moon landing.

Among the collectables we issued were special limited edition covers signed by astronauts who had served on Apollo missions.

Limited to just 750 examples each, these covers feature stamps from our 2009 celebration issue cancelled with a foil postmark, individually numbered and signed by an Apollo legend.

Inside the special envelope is a card explaining more about the issue.

Available is a cover signed by Apollo 15 Command Module Pilot Al Worden, dubbed the 'loneliest man' after remaining in orbit while his colleagues explored the Moon surface.

Also available is a cover signed by Dick Gordon, a pilot from the Apollo 12 mission.

Both come with free worldwide delivery, making them essential for collectors and a great gift idea.

Technical Information

Artist & Text Alan Bean
Design Eddie Cassidy
Photography NASA
Printer Lowe Martin
Stamp Size 28.45 x 42.58mm
Colours 4
Process Offset Lithography
Sheet Format Sheets of 25
Perforations 14 per 2cm
Paper 110 gms
Date of Issue 12th April 2009

Collection Products

Moon Landing 1969-2009 Limited Edition Stamp Sheet
Moon Landing 1969-2009 Limited Edition Stamp Sheet

Product Code: NE69

This sheet marks the 40th anniversary of the first moon landing, and features the paintings of Alan Bean, the fourth astronaut to set foot on the moon. Issued in 2009.

Limited Edition

Price: £20.00


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