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Manx Folk Traditions Set and Sheet Set

A gleaming set of six stamps with an element of metallic ink to highlight a selection of the Island’s traditional folk customs that still form a part of the lives of the Manx today.

Product Description
  • Join us on a journey through folklore as we celebrate some of the most well-known Manx traditions with a vibrant set of of six stamps.

    Designed by Illustrator, artist and educator Jay Cover, each  includes an element of metallic ink  in combination with the lithographic four colour process.

    The values of the stamps represent each of the following Manx folk traditions;

    1st: Yn Melliah

    EU: Hop Tu Naa

    £1.01: Hunt the Wren

    £1.40: New Year's Eve

    £1.75: Quaaltagh

    £2.15: Eve of Old Christmas Day

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