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Chinese Year of the Dog Set

A set of two stamps to celebrate the Chinese Year of the Dog. The set is available in Mint and CTO and a Sheet Set is also available.

Product Description
  • According to the Chinese Zodiac, 2018 is the Year of the Dog. We celebrate with a two stamp collection.

    As a man's best friend is said to be the dog there is much to celebrate in 2018. Chinese symbolism suggests our four-legged friends enjoy good health, happiness a good level of fitness and above all are faithful. Moreover, thought to understand human emotion, the dog always obeys its master whether king or pauper. If in 2018 a dog should appear at one's door it means the inhabitants can expect good fortune.

    This delightful set of two stamps are vibrant with colour and authentic to chinese culture in their design.

    Available in the collection are:
    • Set (Mint and CTO)
    • Presentation Pack
    • First Day Cover
    • Sheet Set

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