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Chinese Year of the Tiger Set and Sheet Set

Manx artist and illustrator Ana Jaks brings the mythology of the adventurous, courageous, impulsive and passionate Tiger to life in this colourful set celebrating the Chinese Year of the Tiger.

Product Description
  • This issue continues the Isle of Man Post Office’s (IOMPO) strong association with the theme, having released numerous stamp issues commemorating the start of the Chinese New Year and including the previous four years; in the Year of the Pig, the Year of the Dog, the Year of the Rat and the Ox (which were the first triangular stamps to be issued by IOMPO).

    The Stamps

    This collection also continues our tradition of offering young Manx designers their first opportunity to design stamps. The talented Ana Jaks has incorporated aspects of the Tiger’s mythology:

    • 67p - The sign’s celebrated courage;
    • £1.71 - The cosmological link to the element of water;
    • £2.32 - Tiger’s compatibility with the Horse,
    • £3.89 - The auspicious association with plum blossom.

    The inclusion of traditional Chinese pottery forms alongside the customary use of gold metallic ink is apposite for this quintessentially Chinese celebration.

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