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Devoted To Your Service First Day Cover

Lady Colin Campbell provides the issue text found within this exquisitely detailed deluxe envelope.
The cover is graced with a full set of stamps, cancelled with a special postmark paying tribute to HM Queen Elizabeth's 95th Birthday.


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Product Code: ZC91

Product Description
  • A full set of stamps grace the front of this splendid first day cover, cancelled with a first day of issue postmark. 

    Adding to the exquisite detail is two beautiful images; a current picture of HM Queen Elizabeth II smiling, providing a glimpse of the warmth and kindness we so often witness, and a photograph from nine decades ago of the young Princess, before she ascended to the throne and devoted her life to her People. 

    Inside you will find insightful issue text provided by royal commentator and well-known TV personality Lady Colin Campbell.

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