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Sculptures of Michael Sandle RA Set & Sheet Set

This six stamp collection celebrates the world-renowned work of sculptor Michael Sandle RA. With sculptures in various locations in the world, Michael’s work has had an impact for many walks of life. We were pleased to work with Michael on this issue, to choose his favourite and most impactful pieces from his wide catalogue of work to be featured. You will find within the collection two of his sculptures from the Isle of Man, paying tribute to our Island and where Michael grew up.

Product Description
  • The perfect opportunity to own the complete set of these six stamps. Each stamp showcases a different sculpture from world-renowned sculptor, Michael Sandle RA, including the two situated here on the Isle of Man. These beautiful photographic images are complemented by a simple white border and emblazoned with the value and the EIIR cipher.

    For this collection we are also offering a sheet set, you will receive a sheet of each stamp design, with each sheet having eight stamps

    The Stamps

    • The first stamp is a detail of the Lifeboat Men Memorial bronze relief in the sunken gardens on Loch Promenade, Douglas. Founder of the RNLI Sir William Hilary lived on the Isle of Man and built the Tower of Refuge in Douglas harbour having seen many ship wrecked on the Conister Rock. Michael’s sculpture captures the drama and sheer physical effort of the crewmen rowing out to rescue those on the stricken ship St George in 1830.

    The Tower was built on the site of the wreck two years later.

    • The Malta Siege Bell Monument overlooking Valetta Harbour is the subject of the second stamp and is the work Michael is most proud of having produced, being four years in the making and including the architectural design in addition to the sculptural elements. The work commemorates the ending of the siege of the island by German bombers during World War II.

    • The legend of St George and the Dragon is made bronze in Michael’s work in Dorset Rise, Blackfriars in London which is the subject of the third stamp.

    • The Seafarers Memorial, seen in front and back view, is sited on Albert Embankment in London and features on the fourth stamp. This enormous bronze forms an imposing and heroic entrance to The International Maritime Organisation.

    • The fifth stamp in the set shows a detail from the centre of the work The Viking on the front façade of the Erin Arts Centre in Port Erin, Isle of Man in a nod to the Isle of Man’s ancient heritage. It incorporates the famous uniquely-Manx four-horned loaghtan sheep.

    • Completing the set, Michael’s 20th Century War Memorial sculpture in bronze was four years in the making and is part of the Tate Gallery collection in London.

    Designer EJC Design
    Text Michael Sandle RA
    Photography Simon Stringer, Ben Johnson, Howard Grey, Michael Sandle
    Printer Cartor
    Process Offset Lithography
    Colours 4
    Paper 110gm PVA gummed
    Perforations 13 per 2cm
    Stamp Size 52 x 40mm
    Format Sheets of 8
    Date of Issue 8th March 2022

    Both the set and the sheet set are available in Mint or CTO.

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