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Snaefell Mountain Railway - 125th Anniversary First Day Cover

This charming first day cover displays a full set of the Snaefell Mountain Railway - 125th Anniversary stamps, cancelled with a special first day of issue postmark.


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Product Code: YI91

Product Description
  • The set of six stamps presented on the cover of this deluxe envelope represent the historical Snaefell Mountain Railway route in the year of its 125th anniversary

    1st: This historical stamp portrays the opening day of the Snaefell Mountain Railway on 21st August 1895. 

    EU: Pictured is Tram number 1 approaching the Bungalow; the famous landmark on the TT course. The summit of Snaefell can be spotted in the background.

    Large: This picturesque stamp displays Tram number 6 at Lhergy Veg. This image conveys the landscape and breath-taking views found along the railway.

    RoW: Our fourth stamp shows Tram number 5 as it passes the statue of a Laxey Miner at Mines Road, Laxey. The Laxey station marks the beginning of the ascent to the peak of Snaefell

    £1.82: This stamp displays the Evening service Tram number 5 as it approaches at the summit at Snaefell. Conveyed through the image is the height to which the tram climbs to the peak of the mountain, as cloud cover can be seen in the backdrop.

     £1.92: Displayed is the opening of the Snaefell summit Hotel, shortly after its construction in 1905. The aforementioned hotel hosted many guests and to this day is a popular venue for dining nights.

    This deluxe cover is complete with a filler card featuring fascinating issue text written by Andrew Scarffe, who has a lifelong interest in the Snaefell Mountain Railway. The stamps are cancelled with a first day of issue postmark. 

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