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The Age of Rebellion

Collection Issue Date: 1st July 2019

A six stamp collection featuring original drawings by Peter Davies

Isle of Man Post Office is pleased to spotlight this most tempestuous period in Manx history with a tale of insurrection and intrigue featuring a cast of characters famed on the Island and ripe for reappraisal. At the centre of events is the reputation of Illiam Dhone, a Manx hero to some, a traitor to others, the debate continues.

Issue Information

The 17th century was a troubled time for the Isle of Man with unrest due to high taxes and uncertainty in the farming community.

The risings against the nobles were mostly led by members of a prominent Manx family, the Christians, whose ancestral home was at Milntown near Ramsey.  By the 1640s England was in turmoil as Civil War had broken out and the Isle of Man was a Royalist stronghold. The Earl went to England to fight for the cause where he fared badly being captured, court-martialled and executed.

The Island, now in a vulnerable position, had over 40 parliamentary warships anchored in Ramsey bay. William Christian (Illiam Dhone to the Manx) decided to surrender the Island to avoid bloodshed.  Colonel Duckenfield of the parliamentary army came ashore and sent Christian in to Castle Rushen to demand the surrender of the Countess Charlotte. She and all the Royalists were forced to leave the Island.

Christian was appointed Governor of the Island but his fortunes changed dramatically when the monarchy was restored and the next Earl of Derby accused him of treason.

A trial was held, at which Christian refused to plead, so he was sentenced to death and executed at Hango Hill in January 1663. He became a hero to the Manx people and was nicknamed Illiam Dhone, or Brown William, on account of the colour of his hair.

This six stamp collection illustrates the Isle of Man in the seventeenth century with Illiam Dhone as the focus.  The graphic style developed by Peter Davies and EJC Design perfectly portrays the historical nature of the subject. Manx historian Charles Guard provides fascinating commentary on this tempestuous period in Manx history.


Peter Davies was born in Moreton, Wirral (U.K.) in 1941.

After studying painting and printmaking at Wallasey School of Art he gained teaching qualifications in Birmingham and embarked upon a career in Art Education.  Over four subsequent decades he taught in many schools and colleges in England and eventually managed several large departments and faculties of Arts and Design.

During this career he has continued to produce his own work. He has exhibited on the Island, in the UK, and internationally, and has paintings in public and in private collections.

Peter was pleased to be asked to contribute to the design and production of this stamp edition illuminating such an important time in Manx History.


Charles Guard was born and educated on the Isle of Man and at the Royal College of Music in London. He has worked at Manx Radio and for many years ran the Manx Heritage Foundation. He has produced a wide range of books, videos and CDs on Manx subjects and is well-known as a lecturer on the Isle of Man. He is also Chairman of the Milntown Trustees and Patron of the Isle of Man Symphony Orchestra.

Technical Information

Text Charles Guard
Design EJC Design
Printer Lowe Martin
Process Offset Lithography
Colours 4 plus metallic
Paper 110 gms PVA gummed
Perforations 13 per 2cm
Stamp Size 52 x 40mm
Format Sheets of 9
Date of Issue 1st July 2019

Collection Products

The Age of Rebellion Set and Sheet Set
The Age of Rebellion Set and Sheet Set

Product Code: XH31
Product Issue Date: 1st July 2019

The graphic style developed by our designers for this six stamp collection is intended to pay tribute to the historical nature of this fascinating subject matter, The Age of Rebellion and its focus on Illiam Dhone.

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The Age of Rebellion Presentation Pack
The Age of Rebellion Presentation Pack

Product Code: XH41
Product Issue Date: 1st July 2019

This highly illustrated, four page presentation pack features a mint condition set of this six stamp collection along with fascinating insight to the background of the issue by Manx historian Charles Guard.

Price: £8.29


The Age of Rebellion First Day Cover
The Age of Rebellion First Day Cover

Product Code: XH91
Product Issue Date: 1st July 2019

For anyone fascinated by the absorbing history of Illiam Dhone, this first day cover is the perfect token. All six stamps are presented on a deluxe envelope, cancelled with a special postmark for the first day of issue.

Price: £8.24


The Age of Rebellion Prestige Booklet
The Age of Rebellion Prestige Booklet

Product Code: XH71
Product Issue Date: 1st July 2019

This exquisite, full colour 20 page booklet contains four gummed stamp panes. Alongside the stamps the history of Illiam Dhone is brought to life by Manx historian Charles Guard.

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