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The Age of Rebellion Set and Sheet Set

The graphic style developed by our designers for this six stamp collection is intended to pay tribute to the historical nature of this fascinating subject matter, The Age of Rebellion and its focus on Illiam Dhone.

Product Description
  • Each of the six stamps which make up this issue, created in collaboration with artist Peter Davies and EJC Design highlights a historical moment in the life of Illiam Dhone and such an important period in Manx history.

    The Stamps

    57p:  Edward Christian imprisoned in Peel Castle. Inset: 7th Earl of Derby.
    90p:  A Royalist ball, Castle Rushen. Inset: Countess Charlotte.
    £1.10:  Meeting at Illiam Dhone's Ronaldsway farm. Inset: Illiam Dhone -  Our contribution to the SEPAC 2019 project.
    £1.52:  Colonel Duckenfield's troops land at Ramsey. Inset: Illiam Dhone.
    £1.60:  Illiam Dhone delivers letter to Countess Charlotte. Inset: Oliver Cromwell.
    £1.85: Trial of Illiam Dhone, Derby House, Castle Rushen. Inset: 8th Earl of Derby.

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