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Canada 150 Gifts Fit For a Queen Miniature Sheet Overprint

To celebrate the 150th Anniversary of Canada, where HM Queen Elizabeth II is the reigning monarch, Isle of Man Stamps and Coins have commissioned this overprint of the miniature sheet which was issued as part of the Sapphire Anniversary collection in February 2017.

Product Description
  • The stamp on the miniature sheet shows Her Majesty being presented with the horse Burmese by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police when they came to the UK to perform in the Royal Windsor Horse Show in 1969. Burmese had huge ceremonial importance having been ridden by HM Queen for the Trooping the Colour from 1969 until 1986. There is also a statue of Her Majesty riding Burmese at the Saskatchewan Legislative Building in Regina, Canada.
    This wonderful collectable is available in mint condition or cancelled to order.

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