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The Triskelion Collection Set

This set beautifully showcases the Island's 'three legs' triskelion on of the oldest continually-used national symbols in the world. The stamps are particularly fitting as the first Isle of Man issue to feature the cypher of King Charles III, Lord of Mann.

Product Description
  • This issue showcases our Island’s national symbol, the ‘Three Legs of the Isle of Man’ triskelion (or triskel). Derived from an ancient sun symbol, the triskelion is one of the oldest continually-used national symbols. The Celtic triskel was a symbol that had various meanings for the early Pagans: it was linked to the sun, triadic Gods and the three domains of land, sea, and sky and was also believed to represent the cycles of life, as well as the Triple Goddess - the maiden, mother and wise woman. It has featured on the national flag of the Isle of Man since 1st December 1932 and appears on the Manx coat of arms, which dates back to the 13th century.

    The four graphic artworks featured, are derived from: the three legs as they appear in Douglas Town Hall; the triskelion design used to celebrate the Millennium of Tynwald (our national parliament); a three legs stone carving observed on a building in Castletown and a modern design interpretation of the three legs of Man.

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