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Triskelion Definitives

Collection Issue Date: 15th February 2017 - Launching at Spring Stampex

Our first variable value self adhesive stamp collection

We are pleased to present our very first collection of variable value self-adhesive definitive stamps. This first collection of four stamps is based on the Manx Three Legs of Man emblem which also known as a Triskelion. The legs usually run clockwise and carry the Latin motto 'Quocunque Jeceris Stabit' meaning 'whichever way you throw, I stand', a reference to the independence and resilience of the Manx people.The four versions of this emblem are based on:
• The three legs as they appear in Douglas Town Hall
• The Millenium of Tynwald three legs
• The three legs as seen on the old brewery building on Castletown Quay
• A modern interpretation of the three legs of man.

This collection is part of our 2017 issue programme and as such they will be supplied in accordance with the requirements of your standing order.

Issue Information

Variable rate definitive self-adhesive stamps' are known as 'Post & Go stamps' and 'Faststamps' in a number of other jurisdictions, they are popular, highly collectible and viewed as the next generation of self-adhesive stamps. Each stamp features the stamp value, date of issue, sequential number and stamp identifier.
To help you understand our handling of this item below is some further information as some aspects are different to other postal administrations.
• The Triskelion stamp issue is a set of four stamps which are part of our normal issue programme and will be supplied in accordance with your standing order requirements for commemoratives.
• The set of four stamp designs will be available as collector items – mint/cto set, first day cover and presentation pack.
• They will be vended via our retail kiosks, post office counter network and via hand-held vending machines at one-off events such as stamp exhibitions
• The withdrawal policy will match our current issues
• The minimum value supplied for collector purposes is the 1st class postage rate up to 100gms prevailing at the time of request – currently 47p
• The stamps will form part of our year collections and will feature in our 2017 Lindner pages as a strip of 4.

These stamps are available from across our network of self service kiosks. The stamps are also avilable from Pulrose, Governor's Hill, St John's, Foxdale, Union Mills, Ballaugh, Sulby, Ramsey Sorting Office, Southern Delivery Office and Kirk Michael Post Offices and will be rolled out to the rest of the network by the end of 2017.

Available in the collection are:
• Set
• Presentation Pack
• First Day Cover

Technical Information


EJC Design


Richard West


CCL Label Ireland Ltd

Stamp Size

56 x 25mm




Offset Lithography




Coils of 600 and 2000

Issue Date

15th February 2017

Collection Products

Pulrose 1st Day Set
Pulrose 1st Day Set

Product Code: VE32
Product Issue Date: 28th July 2017

Isle of Man Post Office is pleased to mark the launch of its new variable rate definitive self-adhesive stamps at Pulrose Post Office Douglas on Tuesday 18th July 2017.

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Price: £5.00


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