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Yearbook 2015

Our limited edition Yearbook for 2015 features every stamp issue from the Isle of Man Post Office in 2015, in mint condition, alongside extra pictures and the stories of every design and set. It is an exclusive collector’s item, as well as an excellent gift.


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Product Code: TP07

Product Description
  • The Yearbook is an essential, and highly-prized, addition to any collection, bringing together a mint condition set of every stamp issue and miniature sheet from 2015.

    It was an important year for the Isle of Man Post Office, we marked 175th anniversary of the Penny Black, the very first postage stamp, which heralded the birth of much of our postal history and tradition and makes this limited edition hardback even more collectable.

    Over 80 pages, the 2015 Yearbook, measuring 30cm by 21cm, not only showcases the mint condition stamps, but is also packed with extra picture images and fascinating text about every set.

    Limited to just 1,000 editions, and with free worldwide delivery, it is an important addition to any collection.

    Limited Edition

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