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100 Years of General Relativity First Day Cover

This luxurious first day cover is exclusive to Isle of Man Stamps and Coins and would make an excellent edition to any collection of first day covers.

It features the six dynamic stamps from the 100 Years of Relativity issue and a unique postmark for the first day of issue. This cover comes with a filler card with issue text written by Prof. Stephen Hawking, Prof. Malcolm Perry and Sasha Hajnal-Corab. On the back of the envelope there is also a further endorsement from Stephen Hawking.


£8.00 inc. VAT


Product Code: UK91

Product Description
  • This cover include six stamps (45p, 50p, 95p, 127p, 169p, 244p) featuring images of Hawking and Einstein along with scientifically accurate diagrams and equations which have led to significant scientific discoveries.

    This collectable is an absolute must whether you are a seasoned collector or just an admirer of these two icons of science.

    Also in this product range is a presentation pack, set, a prestige booklet, self adhesive stamp pane, sheetlet and a framed sheetlet.

    Personality rights of ALBERT EINSTEIN are used with permission of The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Represented exclusively by Greenlight.

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