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100 Years of the Royal Air Force Commemorative Sheetlet Mint

Perfect for collectors, this exclusive sixteen stamp sheet is available in mint condition or Cancelled to Order. It is presented in a luxurious folder, worthy of this prestige collection.


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Product Code: WB64

Product Description
  • This striking sheet complements the stamps which celebrate 100 years of the Royal Air Force. Featuring two sets of the stamps, this collectable is a  wonderful addition to any philatelic collection.

    Our stamps feature more than just the chosen aircraft; on each stamp you will also find: the name of the aircraft, a medal ribbon and medal initials, the RAF Ensign, the name of an important person associated with the Royal Air Force, the name of an RAF base and the GPS coordinates of the airfield. These additional features are included to add texture and depth to the stamps and to reflect the wealth of information that 100 years of history of the world's greatest air force has to offer. We hope they will be of interest to serving and former personnel alike.

    Some of the additional details in our stamps are so tiny that you will need to magnify the stamps to see them, but one further tribute awaits; printed in security ink, visible only under UV light, the sonnet High Flight by John Gillespie Magee appears on the stamp, not in lettering, but in Morse code. Magee was an Anglo-American officer pilot in the Royal Canadian Air Force; he died at the young age of nineteen while training. His famous sonnet was written shortly before his death and is a worldwide favourite of aviators and astronauts. To see the poem, shine a UV light on the stamps and if your Morse is a little rusty, perhaps use an online translator to read it.

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