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150th Anniversary of the First Open House of Keys Elections Sets and Sheets

These panoramic stamps (60mm x 30mm) as well as being beautifully elegant are also engaging; each stamp showing an individual who played a key part in bringing about electoral reform, along with a Manx landmark key to the story and copies of documentation related to their role.

Product Description
  • • On the 1st stamp is the first House of Keys Speaker after the first open elections, John Senhouse Goldie-Taubman. Also featured on the stamp is the Register of Electors from 1867 and an image of Douglas Courthouse from the election day.
    • On the £1 stamp is the Lieutenant Governor Henry Loch who sent the 'House of Keys Election Act, 1866' for Royal Assent. Also featured on the stamp is the proclamation about the House of Keys being dissolved in 1866 and Castle Rushen.
    • James Brown who was the owner of the Isle of Man Times features on the £1.50 stamp. Brown was jailed at Castle Rushen for his reporting of calls for reform of the House of Keys. He was later freed and awarded damages. Also on the stamp is the mast head for the Isle of Man times and an image of Castle Rushen.
    • On the £2.00 stamp is Robert Fargher who was a journalist with Mona's Herald and was involved in a persistent campaign to bring about a democratically elected House of Keys. He was also imprisoned. Also on the stamp is Mona's Herald mast head and the former House of Keys building in Castletown.

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