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A Beano Christmas 'Top Secret Message' Kit

Complete with a note from Dennis unveiling his secret message, this kit really does put the fun into letter writing!


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Product Code: WP40

Product Description
  • When Dennis is forced to spend Christmas on the Isle of Man, he discovers a really cool way to keep in touch with his friends back in Beanotown.

    Now Dennis is excited to share his secret and unveil his 'Top Secret Message' Kit to allow you to create your own 'menacemail' and stay in the good books of your friends and family.

    Complete with a humerous note from Dennis, this pack contains eight postcards with images taken from each of the fantastic stamp designs, and a  full set of mint condition stamps so your mail is ready to post.

    What's even better is if you send your mail (stamped and addressed) to Postman Paul, he will personally add a postmark to your mail and send from Beanotown Post Office to really impress your recipient!

    All protected inside a comic themed wrap.

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